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Ob du gegen etwas bist,
oder es verteidigst,
alles scheiß egal,
sie sind zutiefst beleidigt

Dirty Dabbes: Zutiefst Beleidigt


3. Thou shalt remember the 30 minute inactivity timeout, and remember to speak to the IMAP server before that timeout expires. If thou useth the IDLE command, thou shalt send DONE from the IDLE before 29 minutes hath passed, and issue a new IDLE. If thou maketh no use of IDLE, then thou shalt send NOOP every few minutes, and the server shalt tell you about new mail, and there will be much rejoicing in the

Mark Crispin: Ten Commandments of How to Write an IMAP client (UW IMAP Server Documentation)

Türnterm Teppich.

But times have changed
I have to defend my actions

In Flames: Jester's Door


Why should year numbers be an argument for anything at all? Is something more or less evil, just because it took humanity this or that long to realize that it is?


Wir sind uns völlig einig, Britta.
Gewalt ist falsch.
Egal zu welchem Zweck.

Janina in Juli Zeh: Leere Herzen

Keeping them even harder.

Having principles is hard.


Waarden hebben is leuk, maar je moet dan ook bereid zijn om die waarden te laten winnen.

Jesse Klaver

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