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3. Thou shalt remember the 30 minute inactivity timeout, and remember to speak to the IMAP server before that timeout expires. If thou useth the IDLE command, thou shalt send DONE from the IDLE before 29 minutes hath passed, and issue a new IDLE. If thou maketh no use of IDLE, then thou shalt send NOOP every few minutes, and the server shalt tell you about new mail, and there will be much rejoicing in the

Mark Crispin: Ten Commandments of How to Write an IMAP client (UW IMAP Server Documentation)

Rationalität statt Raserei.

Move at an appropriate speed and make things work.

Charlie Owen: Dear Developer, the Web isn't about you.


Casual experience of life is of very little use to a specialist, such as I aspire to be; good manners are absolutely useless.

Bertrand Russell: Autobiography