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Schlecht( eingestellt)e Mikrofone sind wie Schmatzen.


Mouse pointers in screenshots make me nervous.


I’m not the first person to notice that in cyber-security, feminism is a secret super-power. Checking every app, data-set and shiny new use-case for how men will use it to endanger women and girls is a great way to expose novel flaws and vulnerabilities the designers almost certainly missed. So, while looking at our relationship with our phones through a feminist lens may be disconcerting, it’s incredibly useful, and in a deliciously counter-intuitive way.

Maria Farrel: This is your phone on feminism (2019-09-13)

Academic Adrenalin.

Giving presentations with devices on battery.


  • Observe good housekeeping [...]
  • Do not perform any action that causes hazards [...]
  • Before you start the machine, make sure that other service technicians and the customer's personnel are not in a hazardous position.
  • Keep your toolcase away from walk areas so that other people will not trip over it.
  • Do not wear loose clothing [...]. If your hair is long, fasten it.
  • Do not wear jewelry, chains, metal-frame eyeglasses, or metal fasteners for your clothing.

ThinkPad Hardware Maintenance Manual


ridertle, handlebaardvark, ridertle, ...

the Entendrepreneur Portmanteau & Rhyme Generator, given "bicycle" and "elephant"


Jeden Tag eine gute Tat.

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