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Academic Adrenalin.

Giving presentations with devices on battery.


  • Observe good housekeeping [...]
  • Do not perform any action that causes hazards [...]
  • Before you start the machine, make sure that other service technicians and the customer's personnel are not in a hazardous position.
  • Keep your toolcase away from walk areas so that other people will not trip over it.
  • Do not wear loose clothing [...]. If your hair is long, fasten it.
  • Do not wear jewelry, chains, metal-frame eyeglasses, or metal fasteners for your clothing.

ThinkPad Hardware Maintenance Manual


ridertle, handlebaardvark, ridertle, ...

the Entendrepreneur Portmanteau & Rhyme Generator, given "bicycle" and "elephant"


Jeden Tag eine gute Tat.

Load Balancing via Sleeping.

"Selfenrollment will be available to students from ... 7:30. Reason for this early time of the day is that this will reduce the load on the system. Experience shows that students often and in large numbers try to refresh the page for selfenrollment before it comes available, what may lead to a slow system. Early in the morning the number of online (awake) students will be lower, thereby reducing this peak load."

Blackboard Learn


Schöne Sticker auf dem Laptop sind ein guter Grund ihn öfter und länger geschlossen zu lassen.


The present moment is one where companies are obscuring the depth of their technical processes to quietly profit off surveillance, oppression, and depression. The future is one where technology is reclaimed by everyone; it is open and welcoming and asking to be built by hand.

Zach Mandeville: The Future Will be Technical: background()

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