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Nachbarschaften und Stadtteile danach einteilen wie hoch der Anteil der manuell benannten WiFi-Netzwerke ist.


“What am I to you?” he said, turning to look at the lake, his nostrils flaring. “You’re my boyfriend,” I said, rising to a kneel and wrapping my arms around him from behind. “For now,” he said, stiffening at my touch. “Until you find somebody at your fancy college who doesn’t have trouble understanding movies and gets the weird books you like.” “Grant,” I said, kissing the back of his neck. “I like you, all right?” “But you don’t think I can understand you,” he said.

Meredith Russo: If I Was Your Girl

Gender Doom.

I hate it when people exploit memory bugs in my gender destruction functions and sideload Doom into my gender.

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It's as if I'm to eat.

I am not contento.

Malvina Nassim: Are secret love letters really anonymous? (video)

SRY, not now.

The reason I don’t have my students look at their own chromosome in class is because people could learn that their chromosomal sex doesn’t match their physical sex, and learning that in the middle of a 10-point assignment is JUST NOT THE TIME.

@RebeccaRHelm, 2019-12-20