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Peta reduce.

1990 - A committee formed by Simon Peyton-Jones, Paul Hudak, Philip Wadler, Ashton Kutcher, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals creates Haskell, a pure, non-strict, functional language. Haskell gets some resistance due to the complexity of using monads to control side effects. Wadler tries to appease critics by explaining that "a monad is a monoid in the category of endofunctors, what's the problem?"

One Div Zero: A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages


But is Android not already Linux on mobile?

We could answer this question. However, it would not be printable on the public Interwebs, so you won’t find the answer in this post.

Mobian project: What is Mobian?


Het is pas crisis
als de wijn op is.

blokhuis in Weesp

And how many are there?

“What is a number, Mr. Waterhouse?” Daniel groaned. “How can you ask such questions?” “How can you not ask them, sir? You are a philosopher, are you not?”

Neal Stephenson: Quicksilver


Now the epithet of academic school is often bestowed quite freely, when a few students have gathered around a teacher and talk, more or less successfully, in a similar style. But a real school is a mob with an institute.

Johan van Benthem: Suave Radicals. In: Maria Aloni, Michael Franke, and Floris Roelofsen (editors): The dynamic, inquisitive, and visionary life of ϕ, ?ϕ, and ◊ϕ (2013)


For the purposes of this Directive, the following definitions shall apply:

1. Fruit:

— fresh, sound fruit, free from deterioration, containing all its essential constituents and sufficiently ripe for use, after cleaning, removal of blemishes, topping and tailing,

— for the purposes of this Directive, tomatoes, the edible parts of rhubarb stalks, carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, melons and water-melons are considered to be fruit,



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Sonne, Erdbeeren und Wasser.

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