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Anything is a bedroom if you sleep there.

Brun (Questionable Content #3955)


One crucial detail here is that commands and subscriptions are data. When you create a command, you do not actually do it. Same with commands in real life. Let’s try it. Eat an entire watermelon in one bite! Did you do it? No! You kept reading before you even thought about buying a tiny watermelon.

Evan Czaplicki: An Introduction to Elm: Effects


Ich bin draußen!

ein Kind "hinterm" Zaun


Gemeinschaft ist das dauernde und echte Zusammenleben, Gesellschaft nur ein vorübergehendes und scheinbares.

Ferdinand Tönnies: Abhandlung des Communismus und des Socialismus als empirischer Culturformen.


A: You're a genius.

B: No, I just know some shit about stuff.

A: That is a pretty accurate definition of genius.