Schlagwort: Geräusch

Der Musik auf den blauen Zahn fühlen.

There are two kinds of music: HSP/HFP-compatible and A2DP-requiring.


A downside of running my CI pipelines somewhere else is that I no longer hear (the fan stopping) when they are done.


Nice title of the day: Van noise naar choice.


The world is full of annoying things.



-B Sound the bell at the start of each (major) garbage collection.

Oddly enough, people really do use this option! Our pal in Durham (England), Paul Callaghan, writes: “Some people here use it for a variety of purposes—honestly!—e.g., confirmation that the code/machine is doing something, infinite loop detection, gauging cost of recently added code. Certain people can even tell what stage [the program] is in by the beep pattern. But the major use is for annoying others in the same office…”


GHC documentation: 4.17.7. RTS options for hackers, debuggers, and over-interested souls