Schlagwort: Mythologie

Behind the Moon.

Het is nog maar de vraag of we iemand kunnen vinden die de lange reis naar het fietsdepot wil maken. Het is nog verder dan Geuzenveld he? Dat is écht heel ver. Het is niet zo dat je een paar meter buiten de ring loopt en dat je er dan al bent ofzo.

NASA directeur Charles Bolden in De Speld



-B Sound the bell at the start of each (major) garbage collection.

Oddly enough, people really do use this option! Our pal in Durham (England), Paul Callaghan, writes: “Some people here use it for a variety of purposes—honestly!—e.g., confirmation that the code/machine is doing something, infinite loop detection, gauging cost of recently added code. Certain people can even tell what stage [the program] is in by the beep pattern. But the major use is for annoying others in the same office…”


GHC documentation: 4.17.7. RTS options for hackers, debuggers, and over-interested souls

Now try to look at the moon again.

According to Inuit mythology, Malina and her brother Anningan or Aningaaq lived together in a village. They were very close when young, but came to live apart as they grew older, in the lodges for women and for men. Malina was asleep and one night, someone raped her. She had no idea who it was. The next night, exactly the same thing happened again. Determined, Malina waited for the same person the next night. When he came to attack her, she turned on the fire torch and smudged ashes in the man's eyes. She was surprised to find that it was her brother, he then chased her to apologize. He could tell where she went by the blood left. She ran so far away that she became the sun. Her brother chased after her and became the moon they are still chasing each other today.