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Ineffective and harmful.

Today, 11 May, is a worrying day for every person in the EU who wants to send a message privately without exposing their personal information, like chats and photos, to private companies and governments. The European Commission has adopted its “Regulation laying down rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse” material online, including measures which put the vital integrity of secure communications at risk.

EDRi: European Commission’s online CSAM proposal fails to find right solutions to tackle child sexual abuse 

Für ein paar Likes, bunte Farben, alles gratis.

Ich sitz in der Bahn mit nem Vierkernprozessor
Und scroll durch die Werbung auf Insta und Twitter

Systemabsturz: Netzkater

Contra Chrome.

The important part is: You are not powerless.

Much like our choice of groceries in the supermarket has a direct impact on the environment, our choice of a browser has a direct impact on democracy — as odd as this may sound.

leah: Contra Chrome (page 23)


The best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question; it's to post the wrong answer.

Cunningham's Law

Socialize the Social Network!

Smash and break up fucking facebook

For the sake of humankind

Regulate and then put meta

Into public ownership

ZDF Magazin Royale: Facebook requiem


He wears a cycling outfit under his clothes. He gets the money, flees the bank, and heads to a secluded spot about a block away from the bank. He takes off the robbery clothes and puts them in a bag, along with the money, and adds cycling shoes, a helmet and glasses to his outfit, and he heads out on his orange Steelman bicycle.

The cycling outfit is described as a black bike helmet, amber colored Smith sunglasses, a white/red/and blue or black long sleeve cycling jersey and long pants. He wears Adidas cycling shoes. His bike had blue Look pedals, a pump, and two water bottles.

This is the bike he ditched on March 1st. A 1996 vintage orange Steelman Stage Race 56cm. snapshot of from 2 April 2002

Blast from the past.

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