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Author, Title, DOI. Forget the rest.

It is 2019. Anything without a or another stable and direct link to the full text should not be acceptable as a citation or reference.


Setting: neomedieval Amsterdam. After the calls of Jan van Eijck to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption [...]

Jan: These thirty- and forty-somethings have become so used to looking up everything on the Internet instead of remembering the literature, unlike us fifty- and sixty-somethings. I'm happy for my daughters that their generation is developing good memory and other skills again.

Barteld Kooi & Rineke Verbrugge: From principles to practical pigeon protocols, in: A Programming Road to Logic, Maths, Language, and Philosophy - A Tribute to Jan van Eijck on the Occasion of His Retirement.

Silent Search.

I can switch search engines, but I can't tell other people to go off Gmail. Email used to work, from its 7-bit days onward. It was one standard thing that you could rely on in the ever changing mess of messaging web apps and proprietary lock-ins. And now it's increasingly broken. I hope people realize that if they don't get a reply, perhaps it's because some machine somewhere decided for them that they don't need to know about it.

Tomaž Šolc: Google is eating our mail


In 2018, Spamhaus rated .men as the worst top-level domain in terms of spam and scamming. .men comes top with 60.6% of its 73,000 domains identified as "bad", resulting in a badness index of 6.48.

Wikipedia: Generic top-level domain, Brand gTLD

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While I introduced myself, she interrupted me mid-sentence and hollered in exaltation to her husband: "THE VIDALIA MAN! THE VIDALIA MAN! PICK UP THE PHONE!"

Peter Askew: I Sell Onions on the Internet

Mastodondence or Scuttlarcism.

A social network means of group communication should be taken seriously once the majority of its usage no longer concerns itself.

But at least whose site.

I don't know whose side I'm on

Procupine Tree: Prodigal

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