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Freedom of speech is not freedom of reach.

Sacha Baron Cohen, receiving the ADL International Leadership Award (alternative YouTube link)

Die ICQ Liste unseres Jahrgangs.

All means of communication develop (and disappear together with) their own style.

Decent enough.

Decentralize until it hurts, then centralize until it works.

the motto of ZeroTier One

Hosting the Hippies.

Writing Sorry-For-The-Fuckup-Mails to "customers" feels a lot worse when they are not paying with money but world-improvement.

myself on twitter, 2011-10-12


Redundanz ist gut, Redundanz ist besser. - Von Kamelen und Webseiten

Basic Hygiene.

Brush your teeth,
wash your hands,
delete your cookies!

Future Fun.

If you read this after upgrading a remote system to buster, ping the system on the network continuously as this adds entropy to the randomness pool and the system will eventually be reachable by ssh again.

Debian 10 buster release notes: 5.1.4. Daemons fail to start or system appears to hang during boot

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