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Blast from the past.

Lies & importiere all' deine StudiVz/MeinVz/SchülerVz Nachrichten in deinem lieblings Emailclient [...]

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Broken URLs still make me angry.


The first reaction people had was to think something bad had happened to me, some of them even thought I was dead. Then something socially curious happened: everybody started speaking to each other on Facebook and WhatsApp to try to figure out what was wrong. Some of them even contacted my family multiple times. They all had my phone number, email address and other ways of contacting me. However, none of them did. It was like I had exited the matrix, and was living in another reality. Living Like It's 99: No Social Media, No Smartphone

Security by Morality.

Recently the fact that anything in IT still works at all makes me strongly believe that anyone who knows their craft wants to use it for good.


Du hast facebook.

Ich hab Feuerwehr.

MC ST feat. EVENTPHONE: Ich hab Feuerwehr


The name drill is a pun on dig. With drill you should be able get even more information than with dig.


World Wide Whatever.

I don't know what "vore" is, but it sounds like an internet thing, and one thing I've learned is I never want to know about internet things.

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