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Es gibt keine Suppe mehr.

Was ist Eine Kunst? Eine Philosophie? Eine Politik? Eine Feuerversicherung? Oder Staatsreligion? Ist Soup wirkliche Energie?

Jakob Steinschaden: Ein Kapitel österreichischer Startup-Geschichte geht zu Ende


An SEO blogger calls Oatly the new Coke, but do not worry, Hacker News is ready to answer. The internet still works.

A dream of science.

I had a dream that Sci-Hub gets discussed by the U.N. For example, Russia could tell the U.S. that it’s a violation of human rights [to ban Sci-Hub] because the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights says everyone has the right to participate in scientific advancement. But that remained only a dream.


There is no real community to discuss that, you hardly hear such voices. Not just in the mainstream media, but even on YouTube, for example. It all died by 2013, when Aaron Swartz died.

Alexandra Elbakyan (as quoted in Blackballed by PayPal, Scientific-Paper Pirate Takes Bitcoin Donations by Anna Baydakova on

Bill the Plumber.

Where did the internet go? I mean the one where people identified as Web Master, called each other Mighty and cited Tina Turner just for fun?

5 stars, would plot again.

Confusing IMDb with LMFDB suddenly leads to completely new forms of evening entertainment.


Freedom of speech is not freedom of reach.

Sacha Baron Cohen, receiving the ADL International Leadership Award (alternative YouTube link)

Die ICQ Liste unseres Jahrgangs.

All means of communication develop (and disappear together with) their own style.

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