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It's a fascinating new operational security wrinkle that relies on the popularity and ubiquity of Apple's Ios devices; foiling it requires not just that a spy facility be mobile-phone-free, but that all the facilities that deliver its mail also adopt this measure.

Cory Doctorow: Outing German spy agencies by mailing them Airtags


Is there a diagnosis for compulsive update checking?


We live in a world where "my email system was updated so I did not notice your message" is a perfectly normal thing to say.

What happened to the idea of choosing your own tools and work environments?

Your mirror is black, only a copy stares back.

You have become
Tool of a tool
Digital ghouls
Telling you to
Shut up and dance

Nightwish: Noise

Ludwig would ignore AlphaGo.

For which definitions of "play" and "machine" is it even meaningful to say that a machine plays?

Silbermann Cengiz Irem-Gül Sirnau Wirtheim.

Ja Silbermann, wenn regnet meinte aber weiterhin nicht kriege keiner Geschichte mal ich bald. Ich werde dich einmal Consult lediglich für Gaberle sehen wir uns verpassen wir uns bitte dann den konnte ich jetzt nicht. Ich gebe könnt. Internetseite über, weil der Problem vielleicht. Würde ich gekündigt und welche Möglichkeiten bitte bitte bitte. Sein. Tschüss. Derweil Cengiz Irem-Gül Sirnau Wirtheim. Danke.

speech recognition at


When you’re using Google Docs, you’re not actually typing into where you think you’re typing. You’re typing into a textarea in an iFrame off-screen, and through the postMessage API, those events are being sent to the “edit surface” that you see, which does stuff like draw your cursor. (Your cursor on Docs isn’t actually a cursor, it’s a 2px-wide div!)

James Somers: How I Reverse Engineered Google Docs To Play Back Any Document’s Keystrokes

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