Schlagwort: Schöneneuewelt


It's a fascinating new operational security wrinkle that relies on the popularity and ubiquity of Apple's Ios devices; foiling it requires not just that a spy facility be mobile-phone-free, but that all the facilities that deliver its mail also adopt this measure.

Cory Doctorow: Outing German spy agencies by mailing them Airtags


Is there a diagnosis for compulsive update checking?


We live in a world where "my email system was updated so I did not notice your message" is a perfectly normal thing to say.

What happened to the idea of choosing your own tools and work environments?

Your mirror is black, only a copy stares back.

You have become
Tool of a tool
Digital ghouls
Telling you to
Shut up and dance

Nightwish: Noise

Ludwig would ignore AlphaGo.

For which definitions of "play" and "machine" is it even meaningful to say that a machine plays?