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After more than thirteen years, my wrist is empty again. Which matters surprisingly little — much less than who notices.

Sitzkarriere II.

Gibt es ein Leben nach dem Kindergarten?

Schnipo Schranke: Schnipo - Song

Julian Rachlin.

Es gibt Erinnerungen — ganz besonders physische, das heißt also erinnernde Objekte — die so locker flockig ein Jahrzehnt überspringen, dass es unheimlich ist.

Counting Stars.

It feels incredibly rewarding to get a colorful bouquet of replies after sending mass emails for purely private reasons.


Why blame people for living in the(ir) past? Eventually it becomes the majority for all of us.

Wick Energy.

Attaching memories to products is dangerous.

Both might disappear at any time.


All the tales are told
All the orchids gone
Lost in my own world
Now I care for dead gardens

Nightwish: Dead Gardens

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