Schlagwort-Archiv: Auto


[...] made Nell oddly nostalgic for the days when dangerousness was a function of mass and bulk. The passives of that era were so fun to watch, with their big, stupid cars and big, stupid guns and big, stupid people.

Neal Stephenson: The Diamond Age


[...] a few internal-combustion hobbyists starting up their primitive full-lane vehicles, the louder the better.

Neal Stephenson: The Diamond Age


You're a chickenshit! Scum of the Earth, son of a bitch!

Lauren against / in The Car (1977)


To be anti-car at the beginning of the twenty-first century is generally seen as irrational, unrealistic – yet what could be more irrational than promoting the unnecessary use of motor vehicles when ample evidence exists that already their emissions have done immense damage? A risk is something one can disregard; with luck all will be well. A certain future disaster, as a result of an avoidable present course of action, can only be disregarded by those whose logical faculties are paralysed.

Dervla Murphy: Silverland (2006)

Closed Door.

She'd been gone He'd been alone so long that there were spider webs on the passenger door.


Er is dus alle reden om Hannekes Boom per fiets, boot, parachute, tram of te voet te bezoeken.

Hannekes Boom: Met de auto


Engineers sometimes take on the inherently absurd task of making a deliberately imperfect technology slightly less imperfect. For example, cars are usually designed to reach ridiculous, illegal speeds, because that makes us feel free—and in addition, they come with air bags. This is the absurdity of engineering for the real world.

Jaron Lanier: You Are Not A Gadget.