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Pain Target.

Since women are known to benefit from social support more than men [...], they were selected for the role of pain target.

Goldstein et. al (2018): Brain-to-brain coupling during handholding is associated with pain reduction.

Same shit, same pay!

Also Kohle her, bevor wir hier noch eskalieren!

Suchtpotenzial feat. Yasi Hofer: Genauso scheiße

Nee to know.

Why do we have to know if someone is a man or a woman? The only possible reason for wanting to know is that you'd treat them differently. Get out of it.

Patricia Duncker


Reading behavior is also tied to gender: female respondents report having read male and female authors, with a slight preference for the former. Male respondents mainly report to have read male authors. The men who do read female authors, give higher scores to their novels than female respondents do; female respondents give lower average scores to works by female authors than male respondents. The idea that more female judges would benefit female authors, is thus most likely incorrect. Respondents were also asked to motivate one rating of a novel. Again, there are differences between female and male authors — even when I only isolate the female respondents. The first are judged according to content, the second to structural and formal characteristics.

C.W.Koolen: Reading beyond the female — The relationship between perception of author gender and literary quality.


If AI learns language sufficiently well, it will also learn cultural associations that are offensive, objectionable, or harmful. At a high level, bias is meaning.

Arvind Narayanan (with Aylin Caliskan-Islam and Joanna Bryson): Language necessarily contains human biases, and so will machines trained on language corpora

Bon Jovi.

Manchmal vergesse ich dass Menschen die eine Sorte von Musik machen ja durchaus manchmal eventuell dennoch auch noch andere Musik hören ...


Some file names can not be taken seriously.