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If you want to reuse (or test) a functional banana, you don’t have to set up a stateful gorilla to hold the banana first.

John D. Cook, commenting on Joe Armstrong

Auf den Wolf gekommen.

The Journey of Natty Gann is also reminiscent of the classic “A boy and his dog” adventure story genre, except here the “boy” is a girl and the “dog” is a wolf.

Jonathan McIntosh: 1980s Movies that Shaped our Humanity

Immer diese Erwartungshaltungen.

Duck: What sort of bird are you, if you can't swim?

Bird: What sort of bird are you, if you can't fly?

Sergei Prokofjew: Peter And The Wolf

Zu viel Schwein gehabt.

Realitätsabgleich des Tages: Durchschnittsdeutsche essen pro Woche mehr als ein Kilo Fleisch. Siehe Fleischatlas 2018.


"Ga je mee?" vroeg giraffe.


"Op ontdekkingsreis."

"Om wat te ontdekken?"

"Ja, als ik dat wist was het geen ontdekkingsreis meer."

Toon Tellegen: De Eekhoorn keek met grote ogen (in Goede reis)


Bienen sterben aus und Drohnen werden mehr.


Perhaps one of the reasons we’re so keen to deny non-human creatures minds, consciousness and personhood is that, if they’re people, they’re embarrassingly better people than we are. They build better communities; they live at peace with themselves and aren’t, unlike us, actively psychopathic towards other species.

Charles Foster: If you were an elephant ...

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