Schlagwort: Tiere


Hobbies: Telling people about the Fediverse, distributing Fediverse flyers through chimneys and reading books.

Kiwi, the JoinFediverseWiki owl


OK, so here's an idea: BANANALARMA. A plastic llama about 15cm high, with a camera, chemical sensor, &c built in. You put it next to your fruit bowl where your bananas are ripening. When it detects one perfectly ripe banana, it sounds an alarm, et voila! No more overripe bananas!


The good and small life.

Caroline-letters tended to be full of talk about trees she had climbed, squirrels who had admitted her into their circle of trust, boys who had disgusted her, chess-games she had played via post against Leibniz, dreadful books she’d studied, wonderful books she’d read, the weather, logarithms, and timeless disputes among domestic animals.

Neal Stephenson: The Confusion


Jonathan (hatched circa 1832) [...] is the oldest known living land animal.

Wikipedia: Jonathan (tortoise)


Im Falle eines Falles weiß der Uhu einfach alles.