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Thgink Etihw.

When the men on the chessboard
Get up and tell you where to go

Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit


[M]aybe B learned an additional life lesson in this tournament, that adults will do whatever is in their own interest and any generosity offered may be contingent on whether it impacts their own interest.

Franklin Chen: If you were this old man playing chess against a young boy, what would you have done?

Chess on Crack.



I started a long-distance relationship with a cat. We play chess via e-mail. Or something like that.

OS .

[...] dass auf der anderen Seite ungeheure Prozesse im Gange sind, ein gigantisches Simultanschach der Gefühle, bei dem wir im Grunde von vornherein matt gesetzt sind.

Bert Rebhandl (taz) über Her