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Not enough.

I’m too happy; and yet I’m not happy enough.

Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights

1 Rhein.

The Mississippi was about seven Rhines. When this spillway was wide open, it diverted two and a half Rhines into the lake. Now, where Willem came from, a Rhine was sort of a big deal.

Neal Stephenson: Termination Shock

Karaoke Kids.

Alle anderen werden immer jünger!


Jonathan (hatched circa 1832) [...] is the oldest known living land animal.

Wikipedia: Jonathan (tortoise)


Do time travellers live longer or shorter?


An act is meaningful or significant when it gives substantial realizable betterment to people or the community at large.

mindofjim: Rejecting nihilism and proclaiming “our lives can have meaning!”


Why blame people for living in the(ir) past? Eventually it becomes the majority for all of us.

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