Schlagwort-Archiv: Relativität


Do time travellers live longer or shorter?


An act is meaningful or significant when it gives substantial realizable betterment to people or the community at large.

mindofjim: Rejecting nihilism and proclaiming “our lives can have meaning!”


Why blame people for living in the(ir) past? Eventually it becomes the majority for all of us.


Honestly, the bad days on the road, they are better than the best days at the office.

Emerging Alternatives: Lessons from a decade abroad


You can get a lot done in ten millenia if you put your mind to it.

Neal Stephenson: Anathem


Alleen zijn is niet aanwezig zijn
voor jou. Voor jou alleen aanwezig zijn
is juist weer te veel van het goede.

Jan van Eijck: Aanwezig zijn


Yesterday I increased the height of the seat. A new bar gave me an extra ten centimeters, and room to stretch my legs. The bicycle man and I were in total agreement, barring a slight difference in the way we expressed it: "The bike's too low," I said. "Legs of gaijin (foreigner, actually, outside-person) too long," said he.

Johan Galtung: Johan Lackland (Autobiography)