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Gewoon even doorfietsen.

Al dat getreuzel hou ik niet zo van, je kunt beter gewoon even doorfietsen, dan heb je de hele avond nog voor je.

Anna van der Breggen in De Speld


Tell me how you sort emojis and I will tell you what you think about cycling.


For some people you shower before, for some after.


There is nothing wrong with owning the best equipment and riding in the most stylish cycling kit. But you shouldn't have to buy your way into cycling group credibility and showing off fancy gear shouldn't be the main reason to ride a bike. There are so many more meaningful reasons for getting that expensive bike dirty and that stylish kit sweaty.

Thoughts to ride on: Keep the golf out of cycling


Lieblingssportart Zungenküssen

Schnipo Schranke: Schnipo - Song

Smile, you're on a bicycle.

Those who were shown happy faces rode for three minutes longer and reported less of a sense of exertion.

Alex Hutchinson: What Is Fatigue (The New Yorker, 2014-12-12)


Nein, "wir" spielen da nicht mit. Und "ihr" auch nicht.

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