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“Try to imagine what ‘living with one’s family’ meant.” They tried; but obviously without the smallest success. “And do you know what a ‘home’ was?” They shook their heads.

Aldous Huxley: Brave New World

May the sixteenth be with you.

Ich hätte dir am liebsten einen Stern geschweißt, aber die lassen sich nicht so leicht verschicken wie Blog-Einträge.


Früher war alles besser, sogar die Beschimpfungen.


Trying to play together somehow,
I'm wasting my life, you're changing the world

The Cardigans: I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer

Cobbled streets and broken Windows.

I’ve got a fire and it burns in me, it takes me back to the very day I was with you there.

Deaf Havana: Cassiopeia

Öfter als an die schlechte neue.

Okay natürlich denk' ich manchmal an die gute alte Zeit.

Kraftklub: Liebe

Too High.

Is there a way to get back the naivety, the innocence, the wine, the confidence, the longing, the first time reading a philosophy paper, the chaos and the second-hand couches of those nights?

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