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Wozu leben wir, wenn nicht dazu, uns gegenseitig das Leben einfacher zu machen?

George Eliot

Carbon Community.

I must confess that the extent of my conference participation has shrunk over the past year and a half, rather than expanded. Too much choice.


The very idea that each paper publication must involve conference travel is not morally acceptable anymore.

Moshe Vardi: The Paradox of Choice in Computing-Research Conferences

Feiertag braucht Plattitüde!

Einheit brauch Vielfalt!

DevOps wisdom of the month.

A bus factor of one is still better than zero.


1. (noun) relationship, kinship, sense of family connection - a relationship through shared experiences and working together which provides people with a sense of belonging. It develops as a result of kinship rights and obligations, which also serve to strengthen each member of the kin group. It also extends to others to whom one develops a close familial, friendship or reciprocal relationship.

Māori Dictionary: whanaungatanga

Mastodondence or Scuttlarcism.

A social network means of group communication should be taken seriously once the majority of its usage no longer concerns itself.


An act is meaningful or significant when it gives substantial realizable betterment to people or the community at large.

mindofjim: Rejecting nihilism and proclaiming “our lives can have meaning!”

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