Schlagwort: Gemeinschaft


... because I miss us already, because I know that tomorrow we are going home and we will be the reasonable one again, and the funny one, and the melancholic one,

Kim de l'Horizon: Blutbuch


Wozu leben wir, wenn nicht dazu, uns gegenseitig das Leben einfacher zu machen?

George Eliot

Carbon Community.

I must confess that the extent of my conference participation has shrunk over the past year and a half, rather than expanded. Too much choice.


The very idea that each paper publication must involve conference travel is not morally acceptable anymore.

Moshe Vardi: The Paradox of Choice in Computing-Research Conferences

Feiertag braucht Plattitüde!

Einheit brauch Vielfalt!

DevOps wisdom of the month.

A bus factor of one is still better than zero.