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Friends are those who notice when there's a new sticker on your bicycle.

CrapGPT by Closed AI.

So for now, you don’t see yourself using ChatGPT’s software?

„Absolutely not. One of the main reasons being that it’s not open AI at all, even though they say it is. You can use this version online, but I can’t download it and use it in other software."

Piek Vossen


Ihren Körper hat Mia nie geachtet oder gar geliebt. Der Köper ist eine Maschine, ein Fortbewegungs-, Nahrungsaufnahme- und Kommunikationsapparat, dessen Aufgabe vor allem im reibungslosen Funktionieren besteht.

Juli Zeh: Corpus Delicti

Outsourcing Grownupping.

One of the things that was a huge realization for me was when someone explained why ADHD was thought of as a boy's disorder that you grow out of -

Because the men would be assumed to have both a wife AND a secretary, onto whom they would offload everything ADHD is bad at.



I think something more interesting surrounds the fact that most people suck at email. I cringe whenever I see an unread count in the tens of thousands. Some people believe that to be a badge of honour, but I’m fairly certain that just describes you as someone who doesn’t care, and I generally take the position that it’s not a virtue to be proud of how much I don’t care about things.

ThatGeoGuy: Can email not suck? (2021-02-16)