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For Bergman, connecting is the goal, and it’s not clear that we can do it. It is when Johan and Marianne realize this that they become “citizens of reality,” a loss of innocence from which they cannot recover. Can any marriage survive an honest reckoning with itself? Can you get close enough to any person for life to feel real? These are Bergman’s questions; Levi doesn’t ask them.

Agnes Callard: The Problem of Marital Loneliness


What does it mean, to be a teacher? In a time like this? When you cannot see your students’ faces, and yet, you have to offer them your heart?


What does the most good?

What does the least harm?

What is the debt we owe each other?

What is mundane, and what has altered my soul?

Response to Student Evaluations, Sarah E. Smith ( 2021-07-26)


Oh, hugs.


Herr Janosch, wie verbringt man einen tollen Abend vor dem Fernseher? »Man braucht vor allem jemanden, mit dem man zusammen Fernsehen schaut. Wenn man den genau Richtigen dazu hat, braucht man unter Umständen gar keinen Fernseher mehr.«

Janosch-Kolumne, ZEITmagazin


Intimacy is based on shared vulnerability.
Write this on your bathroom mirror.

Dossie Easton and Catherine Liszt: The Ethical Slut


It's good to live on the same continent.

Will you fly with me this evening?

This could be the last time
You will stand by my side

3 Doors Down: By My Side

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