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Oh, hugs.


Herr Janosch, wie verbringt man einen tollen Abend vor dem Fernseher? »Man braucht vor allem jemanden, mit dem man zusammen Fernsehen schaut. Wenn man den genau Richtigen dazu hat, braucht man unter Umständen gar keinen Fernseher mehr.«

Janosch-Kolumne, ZEITmagazin


Intimacy is based on shared vulnerability.
Write this on your bathroom mirror.

Dossie Easton and Catherine Liszt: The Ethical Slut


It's good to live on the same continent.

Will you fly with me this evening?

This could be the last time
You will stand by my side

3 Doors Down: By My Side

Irrational Friends.

I am friendly with many, but I have few genuine friends. Those who know my secrets and I theirs. Those without a professional agenda underlying our companionship. Those I can sit with in silent comfort, those I can have a conversation with that doesn’t feel like a performance. Those whose presence I actively seek out and whose absence I sincerely note.

Benjamin Percy: Man Camp

Did I hold you too tight?

We used to be closer than this
We used to be closer than this
We used to get closer than this
Is it something you miss?

The Xx: Chained

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