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If I had the power to reach into culture and rearrange what and how people learn about relationships, I would be encouraging polyamory as the norm, and monogamy as the advanced, only meant for the most experienced.

Michael McDonald: A Polyamorist View of Monogamy


For Bergman, connecting is the goal, and it’s not clear that we can do it. It is when Johan and Marianne realize this that they become “citizens of reality,” a loss of innocence from which they cannot recover. Can any marriage survive an honest reckoning with itself? Can you get close enough to any person for life to feel real? These are Bergman’s questions; Levi doesn’t ask them.

Agnes Callard: The Problem of Marital Loneliness


Yet, she could not deny that she had her doubts. She was married, true; but if one's husband was always sailing round Cape Horn, was it marriage? If one liked him, was it marriage? If one liked other people, was it marriage? And finally, if one still wished, more than anything in the whole world, to write poetry, was it marriage? She had her doubts.

Virginia Woolf: Orlando: A Biography

Spalte und Ehersche.

Außerdem haben mein Mann und ich feste politische Überzeugungen und sind der Meinung, dass an allem wirklich Schlechten der Kapitalismus schuld ist. Daher lassen wir uns nicht gegeneinander hetzen.

Scheidungsanwältin Helene Klaar


A ring around the finger does not cause a nerve block to the genitals.

Dossie Easton and Catherine Liszt: The Ethical Slut


... and when she considered how peculiarly unlucky poor Mr. Elton was in being in the same room at once with the woman he had just married, the woman he had wanted to marry, and the woman whom he had been expected to marry, she must allow him to have the right to look as little wise, and to be as much affectedly, and as little really, easy as could be.

Jane Austen: Emma


But in order to get married, I needed a job, and in order to get a job, I needed a Ph.D.

Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Time

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