Schlagwort: Realität


Ich weiß nicht was schwieriger ist: wenn die Realität sich nicht ans Gesetz hält, oder wenn das Gesetz sich nicht an die Realität hält.

Lead you astray.

Here's the new reality.

It's all yours to keep.

Marko Hietala: I Am The Way


For Bergman, connecting is the goal, and it’s not clear that we can do it. It is when Johan and Marianne realize this that they become “citizens of reality,” a loss of innocence from which they cannot recover. Can any marriage survive an honest reckoning with itself? Can you get close enough to any person for life to feel real? These are Bergman’s questions; Levi doesn’t ask them.

Agnes Callard: The Problem of Marital Loneliness


Some people tell me that this feels like a movie – for me it feels like things are finally getting real again.

Jeffrey Babcock


There is a distinction between reality and narrative. Narrative is used to hide reality from view. Narrative is the main tool of politics, of cult leaders and influencers, and of the advertising industry. To get in touch with reality I have to first cut through the thicket of narrative. It is a post-modern myth that everything is narrative. This itself is a narrative. It obscures the reality from view that behind the narrative lies reality.

Jan van Eijck: Embracing All