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Some people tell me that this feels like a movie – for me it feels like things are finally getting real again.

Jeffrey Babcock


There is a distinction between reality and narrative. Narrative is used to hide reality from view. Narrative is the main tool of politics, of cult leaders and influencers, and of the advertising industry. To get in touch with reality I have to first cut through the thicket of narrative. It is a post-modern myth that everything is narrative. This itself is a narrative. It obscures the reality from view that behind the narrative lies reality.

Jan van Eijck: Embracing All

Was's Was.

Notes on What's What, and on What It Might be Reasonable to do about What's What.

Old Raja in Island by Aldous Huxley

Wenn man mal weiß welche das sind.

Das Rezept für Gelassenheit ist ganz einfach: Man darf sich nicht über Dinge aufregen, die nicht zu ändern sind.

Helen Vita

Einfach Mist.

Ich boykottiere dich realitäterätä.

Großstadtgeflüster: Ich Boykottiere Dich

Suppose Soup.

Aufräumen hin oder her, ein Gedankenfrühstück macht nicht satt.



Doch, es gibt wirklich Leute die die Bunte lesen!

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