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Happiness as a function of institutions.

So, the ultimate secret to Finnish happiness is simple but hard to put in practice: Build institutions that truly serve the citizens at large, not just a narrow elite within it.

Frank Martela: Finland is happiest in the world – Correcting five misunderstandings of what this means


danger, however, is agile shaman!

many, many shiney rock lost to agile shaman!

The Grug Brained Developer: Agile


He was of an age where it was never possible to pursue one errand at a time. He must do many at once. He guessed that people who had lived right and arranged things properly must have it all rigged so that all of their quests ran in parallel, and reinforced and supported one another just so. They gained reputations as conjurors. Others found their errands running at cross purposes and were never able to do anything; they ended up seeming mad, or else perceived the futility of what they were doing and gave up, or turned to drink. Daniel was not yet certain which category he was in, but he suspected he’d find out soon enough.

Neal Stephenson: The System of the World


Wer sich selbst besser organisiert, übernimmt Verantwortung für das eigene Leben. Man lagert wichtige Entscheidungen nicht aus, sondern trifft sie selbst. Dann ist man zum Beispiel aus Liebe und Zuneigung in einer Partnerschaft und nicht, weil man ohne die andere Person organisatorisch aufgeschmissen wäre. Wenn ich mir junge Männer in meinem Umfeld ansehe, dann habe ich auch das Gefühl, dass die Planlosigkeit symptomatisch für psychische Belastung und vielleicht sogar Überforderung ist. Eine Überforderung mit den gesellschaftlichen Anforderungen an Männlichkeit – oder damit, diese in ihrer toxischen Form zu bekämpfen. Um zum „neuen Mann“ zu werden, sollte man also nicht nur reflektieren, was das bedeutet, sondern das eigene Verhalten aktiv ändern. Der „neue Mann“ sollte nicht nur ein Ideal sein. Er sollte Wirklichkeit werden.

Franziska Koohestani: Männer, organisiert euch besser! Das würde uns allen guttun.( 2020-01-17)

You should've noticed.

Planning and organising things is already a full-time job.

Emma: You should've asked

Super Visor.

If you can pick your boss, choose someone who owns and uses a calendar.

Power to B.

But the people who will genuinely save the world won’t have throngs of kids hanging onto their superhero capes. The people who will save the world will sit hunched over heaps of files, stamping one certificate after another, sporting an office pallor.

Maite Vermeulen: What’s deadly dull and can save the world? (Hint: We can’t stand it)

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