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You should've noticed.

Planning and organising things is already a full-time job.

Emma: You should've asked

Super Visor.

If you can pick your boss, choose someone who owns and uses a calendar.

Power to B.

But the people who will genuinely save the world won’t have throngs of kids hanging onto their superhero capes. The people who will save the world will sit hunched over heaps of files, stamping one certificate after another, sporting an office pallor.

Maite Vermeulen: What’s deadly dull and can save the world? (Hint: We can’t stand it)


make the change easy

then make the easy change

Kent Beck, as quoted by Katrina Owen

Mine is fine.

Other people wasting their time make me nervous.


malvin@ludwig:~$ mkdir ~/phd/

Date Seats.

The front is for people who don't have dates.


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