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Still figuring it out.

And just because I am twenty,
doesn't mean I know what to do.


Just trying to be cool,
but I feel like a fool

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There is a common misconception that the purpose of writing Haskell programs is to instruct a machine to perform certain computations, and to report the results thereof. This myth is perpetrated by numerous lecture courses, books, websites and other media, which merely teach how to write programs with the desired functionality.

In actual fact, to write a good Haskell program is to create a work of art. As such, any Haskell program worth writing must be beautiful. In fact, rumour has it that the GHC optimiser analyses programs it is asked to compile and, if it finds it aesthetically pleasing, will work harder to make your program run faster.

But what determines whether a Haskell program is beautiful or not? Read on, my intrepid friend, and you shall find out!

Ian: Good Haskell Style


Na Lowlands 2008 dachten we dat we zijn onderarm nooit meer terug zouden zien.

moeder Marjan


Ja, ich bin manchmal neidisch was andere alles so an- und ausziehen können und dürfen.


Can you still be an intellectual if you curse and write text messages consisting only of emojis?


It's the law, of course it is vague.

a logician at work

Legacy W.

"Man kann Philosophen, die ihn nie kennengelernt haben, mit seinem Tonfall philosophieren hören; und Studenten, die kaum seinen Namen richtig schreiben können, rümpfen heute die Nase über Dinge, die er nicht mochte."

G. Ryle über L. Wittgenstein

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