Schlagwort: Alkohol


Surprisingly, this self-destructive behaviour is socially encouraged. It is in good taste to be resistant to high levels of alcohol. Overcoming this excess of alcohol seems a guarantee of strength and vigour. This role is often given to men. We are challenged to drink, and see who can bear it all night. Is it a sort of adoration for self-destruction? Drunken, we each become a grotesque character in the great human comedy. I don’t have any taste for self-destruction, and I oppose the choice of consicence! To remain clear-sighted, conscious of being alive, of being at peace all the time. Because I don't like this bizarre behaviour, I have decided to stop.

Antón Moglia: Why I stopped drinking alcohol

Keep taking me away.

I drank too much

But I needed you to know

Cold Cafe: Night Light


There is progress. Alcohol-free wine is a thing now.


She described her own situation without saying a word – dipping Oreo cookies in Whisky.


Humans are weird.