Schlagwort: Fortschritt

Still gonna take a while.

Things can be tedious and fun at the same time.


There is progress. Alcohol-free wine is a thing now.


De laatste rookpaal is naar het Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht gebracht.

NOS: Nieuwe stap in de strijd tegen roken: pakjes met een 'afstotende' kleur  (2020-10-01)


On any given day, one might hear of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars flowing to a start-up company named Ublibudly or MeTickly. These are names I just made up, but they would make great venture capital bait if they existed. At these companies one finds rooms full of MIT PhD engineers not seeking cancer cures or sources of safe drinking water for the underdeveloped world but schemes to send little digital pictures of teddy bears and dragons between adult members of social networks.

Jaron Lanier: You Are Not A Gadget.


Getting a different compiler error is progress.

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