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Geschafftes Wissen.

Don't trust papers and articles, be it published ones. We only really know stuff for sure once it is written in textbooks — and survives a second edition.

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The good thing about being an academic: you are allowed to be embarrassed.

You can just say: That's the way it is and we'll figure it out eventually.

Simon Peyton-Jones: Escape from the ivory tower: the Haskell journey (around 32:55)

Teilhabende Feldforschung.

The best way to understand new things might be doing them.


The COCY species group is known under its vernacular name “exploding ants” for a unique behaviour: during territorial combat, workers of some species sacrifice themselves by rupturing their gaster and releasing sticky and irritant contents of their hypertrophied mandibular gland reservoirs to kill or repel rivals.

Laciny A, Zettel H, Kopchinskiy A, Pretzer C, Pal A, Salim KA, Rahimi MJ, Hoenigsberger M, Lim L, Jaitrong W, Druzhinina IS (2018) Colobopsis explodens sp. n., model species for studies on “exploding ants” (Hymenoptera, Formicidae), with biological notes and first illustrations of males of the Colobopsis cylindrica group. ZooKeys 751: 1-40.


Don't confuse passion and obsession.

Alexandru Baltag

Understanding Research.

Most papers in computer science describe how their author learned what someone else already knew.

Peter Landin


Next time someone asks me how there can still be open questions in Mathematics, I will tell them that we still don't know everything about higher dimensional kissing.

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