Schlagwort: Formalisierung

Still gonna take a while.

Things can be tedious and fun at the same time.


I have occasionally been able to be very persuasive even with wrong arguments.

Peter Scholze: Liquid tensor experiment


To express diversity as a "variant" is a reductive response to the complexity of identities and their representational needs.

Femke Snelting et al.: Feedback to Unicode PRI #321 -- Issues with modifier mechanism, UTS #52


Nilpotent matrices over GF(3), gossip situations, it's all the same!

Rolling Gigainches.

... would require bits of storage, enough to fill 1500 reels of magnetic tape**


** 2400 foot reels, 6250 bits per inch

Randal E. Bryant: Symbolic Manipulation of Boolean Functions Using a Graphical Representation, 22nd Conference on Design Automation, 1985.