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De uiteindelijke betekenis van de informatietechnologie ligt niet in de producten die zij levert maar in de denkwijze die zij ons leert.

Peter J. de Bruin: Stelling 4 behorend bij het proefschrift Inductive Types in Constructive Languages

Mal sehen wie lange noch.

Beruhigend, dass es zumindest in der Tagesschau noch sogenannte künstliche Intelligenz heißt.


As of 2018, the "Lovelace Medal" was awarded to one woman and twenty men.

Coming soon: EUxplanations.

Happy European moment of the day: when a US-American explains to a Chinese audience that we(u) will soon have a right to explanations.

Rolling Gigainches.

... would require bits of storage, enough to fill 1500 reels of magnetic tape**


** 2400 foot reels, 6250 bits per inch

Randal E. Bryant: Symbolic Manipulation of Boolean Functions Using a Graphical Representation, 22nd Conference on Design Automation, 1985.

The Halting Poet.

Poetic restatement of classic computability theory results seems to be huge in the Slavic world for some reason.

Geoffrey K. Pullum