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De uiteindelijke betekenis van de informatietechnologie ligt niet in de producten die zij levert maar in de denkwijze die zij ons leert.

Peter J. de Bruin: Stelling 4 behorend bij het proefschrift Inductive Types in Constructive Languages


An act is meaningful or significant when it gives substantial realizable betterment to people or the community at large.

mindofjim: Rejecting nihilism and proclaiming “our lives can have meaning!”

How about the Platonic heaven?

If I can save a distant, beautiful world that I have fallen in love with, then my life has not been wasted.

Cixin Liu: The Three-Body Problem

The WP word.

I am not concerned with saving the world – I am concerned with finding solutions to specific conflicts before they become violent.

Johan Galtung


Nicht andere (oder gar besondere) Gedanken machen us zu AutorInnen sondern die Disziplin sie rechtzeitig aufzuschreiben.

Vertrauen ist gut.

Formal methods are often classified as irrelevant and/or impracticable by practitioners. This is not true: we found and fixed a bug in a piece of software that is used by billions of users every single day. Finding and fixing this bug without a formal analysis and the help of a verification tool is next to impossible, as our analysis showed. It has been around for years in a core library routine of Java and Python. Earlier occurrences of the underlying bug were supposedly fixed, but actually only made its occurrence less likely.

Stijn de Gouw, Jurriaan Rot, Frank S. de Boer, Richard Bubel and Reiner Hähnle: Proving that Android’s, Java’s and Python’s sorting algorithm is broken (and showing how to fix it)

Hauptsache Rücklicht.

Es ist egal, was du bist
Hauptsache ist
es macht dich glücklich.

Farin Urlaub - Glücklich

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