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Assembly, Usage and Maintenance.

Wish my body came with a manual. All I got was a super awkward conversation with my mom when I was ten.

Faye in Questionable Content #4177


If you have that file (“Cinderella”) you can create that hash (a glass shoe that fits her) but you cannot go back the other way (you cannot create a Cinderella from the shoe!). Possessing the shoe also does not tell you where Cinderella is Possesing the shoe does not allow the prince to home in on her location - it does not give clues like “warmer” or “colder”

Dominic Tarr: fairly tale cryptography 2: hashes

ID1-1AWKK1C7. Ah ja.

Prokrastination der Woche: Dem "BahnCard Kunden-Dialog" erklären was DKIM und HTTPS sind. Mal sehen ob die Rechnung nächstes Jahr weniger phishy aussieht.

Coming soon: EUxplanations.

Happy European moment of the day: when a US-American explains to a Chinese audience that we(u) will soon have a right to explanations.


“Pretend I’m someone who has never worried. I’m mystified. I don’t get it. Tell me how to worry.”

Fraa Orolo in Anathem by Neal Stephenson

Machine learn this.

The law will also effectively create a "right to explanation," whereby a user can ask for an explanation of an algorithmic decision that was made about them.

Bryce Goodman, Seth Flaxman: European Union regulations on algorithmic decision-making and a "right to explanation"