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According to Dunbar’s hypothesis, then, at some point in our evolutionary history, we traded much of the intimacy of grooming for the efficiency of gossip, which was necessary to allow our ancestors to live in larger groups.

Inge Slingerland, Maurice Mulder, Rineke Verbrugge: A multi-agent systems approach to gossip and the evolution of language (2009)

Gossiping Cats.

Many common decision problems about gossip graphs can be reduced to checks of NetKAT equivalences.

Malvin Gattinger & Jana Wagemaker: Towards an Analysis of Dynamic Gossip in Netkat. RAMiCS 2018.


Liaisons were supposed to be announced when they were formed and when they were dissolved. It was a way to curtail gossip and intrigue, which could so easily run rampant in a math.

Neil Stephenson: Anathem


"There is an urban legend that ..." is usually self-fulfilling.

Alles Käse.

Every Gossip graph is caas.


Nilpotent matrices over GF(3), gossip situations, it's all the same!