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It should be illegal to print a QR code leading to a different URL than the one printed next to it.

Uncop(y)able Blog Post.

There are no "non-transferable" links. If you are forbidding something, please just say so.


The good thing about being an academic: you are allowed to be embarrassed.

You can just say: That's the way it is and we'll figure it out eventually.

Simon Peyton-Jones: Escape from the ivory tower: the Haskell journey (around 32:55)

Brute Force Police.

Der Anteil der rechtswidrigen Ersuchen lag im Jahr 2017 bei rund 42 Prozent. Transparenzbericht 2017

How please don't tell me.

As an English teacher, xe was hopeless. They never got past the introductory class. It seemed too horrible and dangerous to teach humans to ask each other about their well being so often.


Mal was riskieren. Geschenkpapier wiederverwenden.


Dus de redelijke oplossing is om met elkaar af te spreken dat het een erezaak is om dit niet te doen. De studenten verklaarden zich hier mee eens, dus zo gezegd zo gedaan.

Jan van Eijck

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