Schlagwort: Ehrlichkeit


Wir brauchen Sätze, um von unseren Traumata nicht sprechen zu können.

Kim de l'Horizon: Blutbuch


It should be illegal to print a QR code leading to a different URL than the one printed next to it.

Uncop(y)able Blog Post.

There are no "non-transferable" links. If you are forbidding something, please just say so.


The good thing about being an academic: you are allowed to be embarrassed.

You can just say: That's the way it is and we'll figure it out eventually.

Simon Peyton-Jones: Escape from the ivory tower: the Haskell journey (around 32:55)

Brute Force Police.

Der Anteil der rechtswidrigen Ersuchen lag im Jahr 2017 bei rund 42 Prozent. Transparenzbericht 2017