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Why don't you spend nowhere with me?

I can't make sense of this
But we're here today feeling alive

In Flames: Deliver Us

Existential Feeling.

I feel like shit.
But at least I feel something.

In Flames: Disconnected

Nameless Unicorn.

It feels wrong to talk about someone or something for more than five minutes without knowing their name.

Wire-, not Fibreheads.

I think that might be just it – we are not equipped to deal with all the feelings in the world, at all times. It’s good to be informed and to empathize with the suffering of the people who go through war and need our help – and it’s good and necessary to rationalize that empathy into action, it’s good to feel happy about a friend’s promotion, or at least feel a smile at the birth of a niece of a former school colleague – but please, don’t expect me to be plugged into it all the time, to feel everything with the intensity the reaction buttons suggest. I can’t feel for all of you, all the time. And to say otherwise would just be a lie.

Juliana Silva: Limited Stock (In: Immaterial Labour Union zine, Issue #6)

Feel Good Politics.

Für den Zusammenhalt unserer Gesellschaft ist es wichtig, dass die Menschen das Gefühl haben, dass auch die großen transnationalen Konzerne Steuern zahlen und die Superreichen mehr leisten.

Anton Hofreiter (Durchstreichung M.G.)


Events can be both only and already so long ago.

Careless realism costs souls.

How can you "just be yourself"
when you don't know who you are?

Stop saying "I know how you feel".
How could anyone know how another feels?

Nightwish - Song Of Myself

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