Schlagwort: Gefühl

Quantum feeling.

I don't know which way I am supposed to spin

Birds of Tokyo: Circles


Buses and trains are supposed to arrive at constant intervals, but in practice some intervals are longer than others. With your luck, you might think you are more likely to arrive during a long interval. It turns out you are right: a random arrival is more likely to fall in a long interval because, well, it’s longer.

Probably Overthinking It (Allen Downey): The Inspection Paradox is Everywhere

No other.

Your love is like no other
I want when we're together

Archive: You Make Me Feel

Baptized with a perfect name.

Caress the one, the Never-Fading
Rain in your heart -- the tears of snow-white sorrow

Nightwish: Amaranth

Why don't you spend nowhere with me?

I can't make sense of this
But we're here today feeling alive

In Flames: Deliver Us