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Modern life should depend more on the weather, not less.

Sweat and Sun.

When the skin tastes like crisps.

Jetzt wird's sonnig.

Pretty sure that you aren't reading this.


Heute hitzefrei.

I'm fine.

"Some of the worst affected areas have been in Brisbane's west and south-western suburbs, some of which may not have power restored for at least 24-hours at the earliest," Energex said in a statement released late on Thursday night.


At Archerfield Airport, the site of those 141km/h winds, light planes were flipped upside-down.

The Age: Brisbane storm leaves 70,000 properties without power


Luxus ist wenn der Wind genau in Richtung Sonne geht.

Verlagerung des Vogelgezwitschers.

Frühling ist eine frisch geölte Kette.

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