If part of your solution isn't ending the pollution, then I don't wanna hear your stories told.

Scatman John: Scatmans World

John Doen't give your real name to everyone.

Dear John Doe,

We are writing to let you know that we recently discovered that some user data was compromised as a result of unauthorized access to our systems by a malicious third party. We are very sorry [...]

The Quora Team <>

Mal sehen wie lange noch.

Beruhigend, dass es zumindest in der Tagesschau noch sogenannte künstliche Intelligenz heißt.


If you want to reuse (or test) a functional banana, you don’t have to set up a stateful gorilla to hold the banana first.

John D. Cook, commenting on Joe Armstrong


Every country surely has its own awkward, outdated tradition – where every effort to update it, or to make sure it is offensive to no one, is met with fierce resistance.

Joost de Vries (The Guardian): Black Pete: the scandal we Dutch can’t stay silent about any more


There was an air of foppery and nonsense in it which she could not approve.

Jane Austen: Emma


What felicity it is to hear a tune again which has made one happy!

Jane Austen: Emma

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