Baptized with a perfect name.

Caress the one, the Never-Fading
Rain in your heart -- the tears of snow-white sorrow

Nightwish: Amaranth


We do not live in the age of logic,
we live in the age of deception.

a friend

A mask(ulinity) that's wearing me.

This is why you never see your father cry

Idles: Samaritans

Off by one, twice.

Ich glaube ja nicht an Schicksalszahlen.

Aber schön sind sie trotzdem.

Niet doen.

ToDo lists are great. but have you tried NotDo lists?


Listen, it’s not you, it’s me, doing this dopamine fast

James Sinka

Media(ted) Contracts.

The immutability of printed books is their superpower. Remember this, because it’s from this immutability that books derive their dead-simple “contract.”


The printed newspaper of 1919 had edges, ended. There were ads but they were passive, not active members of the reading experience. They were not reading you. You paid. You got some paper. The paper did not continue forever.


Choose active media, set yourself up to succeed by building systems to cultivate positive habits, but most importantly: Take a second to think about the contracts you’ve entered into as you go about your day. Are those contracts you’re happy with? Did you realize you had entered into them?

Craig Mod: Stab a Book, the Book Won't Die

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