Flavours of awkwardness.

Using another persons toothbrush, emacs or bicycle are both very similar and very different experiences.

Change II.

Feminist masculinity presupposes that it is enough for males to be to have value, that they do not have to “do,” to “perform,” to be affirmed and loved. Rather than defining strength as “power over,” feminist masculinity defines strength as one’s capacity to be responsible for self and others.


But if as enlightened witnesses we offer the men we love (our fathers, brothers, lovers, friends, comrades) affirmation that they can change as well as assurance that we will accept them when they are changed, transformation will not seem as risky.


In a world where boys and men are daily losing their way we must create guides, signposts, new paths.

bell hooks: The Will to Change


Yet when men gather together at work, they rarely have meaningful conversations.


Men of all ages who want to talk about feelings usually learn not to go to other men.

bell hooks: The Will to Change

F the f-word.

That we live in a world in which people continue to use the same word for sex and violence, and then resist the notion that sex is routinely violent and claim to be outraged when sex becomes overtly violent, is testament to the power of patriarchy.

bell hooks: The Will to Change

Emanntional II.

Women demanded of men that they give more emotionally, but most men really could not understand what was being asked of them.

bell hooks: The Will to Change


Most folks believe we are hardwired biologically to long for sex but they do not believe we are hardwired to long for love.

bell hooks: The Will to Change

Not only on August 12.

Sometimes it is actually good to have (had) an elephant in the room.

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