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[...] and I was watching it through the window, over the rim of my teacup, which I always find is the nicest way of watching other people working.

Fenchurch in So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish by Douglas Adams

Grüße aus Grobkörnigen.

Rechtschreibkontrollsynchronisation, das wär' mal was.


Mathematics is measuring times laziness squared.

Earthlings 101, Episode 13

Dirty Fingers.

If a person asks you to step in, try to do the minimum to get them back in a known place. Describe what you’re doing, as you’re doing it — think of yourself as a tour guide, pointing out the sights. Ask for feedback to make sure your audience knows what you’re doing, and hand back control as soon as you can.

EFF Security Education Companion: A Word on Touching Other People’s Devices: Don’t.

The Pizza Scale.

  • Let someone else call a pizza delivery service for you.
  • Call a pizza delivery service
  • Go to a pizzeria.
  • Let someone else get frozen pizza at a supermarket.
  • Get frozen pizza from a supermarket.
  • Buy pizza dough at a supermarket.
  • Buy flour, tomato sauce and cheese at the supermarket.
  • Grow your own tomatoes.
  • Cycle to a farm to buy flour.
  • Grow your own flour.
  • ...


Lately, you meet a couple of lost Linux buddies and they complain to you that you didn’t return their messages. You say you never received the messages, and shrug. You never have an idea why didn’t a message go through, maybe because they used the client that is not officially supported? But your buddies silently think that you’re a lying son of a bitch. What they don’t know is that you just want to be a Google fanboy.

Trương Nguyễn Hữu Huân: How did Google Talk change from a dream to a nightmare?


We leave checking C1 to C3 as an exercise to the reader — the proofs are very similar to those in part (i).

past-me, annoying now-me and future-me

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