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Soon may the Wellerman come
to bring us sugar and tea and rum.

Soon May the Wellerman Come

The best we have until HTCPCP becomes a standard.

ISO 3103 is a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (commonly referred to as ISO), specifying a standardized method for brewing tea, possibly sampled by the standardized methods described in ISO 1839.

Wikipedia: ISO 3103


Ich hoffe Tee ohne Zettel ist auch gut. Lass es dir gut gehen!

Nu, telkens.

Welke leeftijd zou je het liefst voor altijd hebben?

pickwick theezakje

See you in five teas.

4. (obsolete) a moment (the time it takes to drink a cup of tea)



Make Art. Make Love. Make Tea.

ein notizzettel

Tea, Blood and Beer.

The tea leaf paradox describes a phenomenon where tea leaves in a cup of tea migrate to the center and bottom of the cup after being stirred rather than being forced to the edges of the cup, as would be expected in a spiral centrifuge. [...] The solution first came from Albert Einstein in a 1926 paper [...]

Wikipedia: Tea leaf paradox

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