Schlagwort: Fantasie


I’m the one who makes the rules
for the heroes and the fools
I can tear down angels from the sky
and make Mona Lisa cry

Battle Beast: Master of illusion


I had ceased to be curious about other people’s lives, much less other worlds.

Robert Charles Wilson: Divided by Infinity

Trash Trash.

The truth, though, is that deletion has never existed technologically in the way that we conceive of it. Deletion is just a ruse, a figment, a public fiction, a not-quite-noble lie that computing tells you to reassure you and give you comfort.

Edward Snowden: Permanent Record

Secure Dragon (S)Layer.

I could offer you protection, free of charge, against dragon attacks, and that does not make it a scam.

schroeder on, answering Has anyone heard of cases where SSL Certificate insurance/warranty paid out?


Von allen Welten, die der Mensch erschaffen hat,
ist die der Bücher die Gewaltigste.

Heinrich Heine