Schlagwort: SSL

Secure Dragon (S)Layer.

I could offer you protection, free of charge, against dragon attacks, and that does not make it a scam.

schroeder on, answering Has anyone heard of cases where SSL Certificate insurance/warranty paid out?


I am becoming allergic to http:// URLs.

Let IT Burn.

You pay the fire department with the taxes, not when you call them.

Kaspar J. on Mozilla Bug 994033 - Most StartSSL certs will stay compromised


You can tell when something is security theater because you need some absurdly specific situation in order for it to be useful.

Adam Langley: No, don't enable revocation checking


Honest Achmed promises to abide by these practices. If he's found not to abide by them, he'll claim it was a one-off slip-up in procedures and that policies have been changed to ensure that it doesn't happen again. If it does happen again, he'll blame it on one of his uncles or maybe his cousin, who still owes him some money for getting the car fixed.

Mozilla Firefox Bug 647959 - Add Honest Achmed's root certificate