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Creating PDFs without clickable links and references should be illegal.


Sonne, Schlaf und Spaß!

Legacy Technology.

Die Zukunft ist da wo es kein IPv4, keinen Schienenersatzverkehr und keine Verbrenner mehr gibt.


Once more, I wish you success!

Academia vs Science.

I don’t see a sustainable science coming out of the meaningless game of excellence, publishing, and grant writing.

What my research indicated is that detecting and correcting issues in science, is too difficult to be sustainable. What my research also indicated, is that going back to the drawing board allows us to tackle issues in a much more straightforward, simplistic, and encompassing manner.

And if there’s an anecdotal thing I’ve learned: People want futures they can be a part of and experience, not just ones to think about and fight for.

Chris Hartgerink: Reflections on my PhD and building sustainable science. (

And to myself, a tiny bit II.

You Can Get It If You Really Want

Jimmy Cliff


Fast hatte ich vergessen wie schön es ist Wunschlisten zu schreiben.

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