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digital conscientious objectors, looking in horror how everything goes to shit

Fauno: We are the workers of the Web


Responsibility is a weird thing.


I think in practice M is indeed in charge, although no one actually knows that.


Powerless Miracles.

All you little superheroes...

...Dancing on the borderline...
4-3-2-1-do it today!

Sonata Arctica: Zeroes

Deonto Metal.

How could I be condemned for the things that I've done
If my intentions were good

Kamelot - Soul Society


Mit dem Kopf im Buch einschlafen. Bei Mondschein und FreundInnen.

Mutual Cookies.

People. GUYS! I‘m not gonna sort out your shit for you.
You‘ll have to do it on your own.


(And yes, I just filled a gap with a quote from the future.)

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