Schlagwort: Verantwortung

Breakup Disclaimer.

If our relationship should ever come to an end, I hereby declare that you will not be responsible for my state of mind afterward-

Bubbles in Questionable Content #4625

Zuhören, Still sein und so.

In der ganzen Welt Sexismus, aber ich sexistisch, nein.


Und jetzt man sagen, hat doch nichts mit mir zu tun,

doch wenn man so was sagt, hört man Frauen einfach nicht wirklich zu.

Plasebo: Zuhören (feministischer Kampftag 2021)

Turn trade.

What are the tricks of the trade? “I’m not sure I should tell you,” Oldham said. “Dry hands are a particular problem. But you don’t want to see someone licking their fingers onstage. I ball my left-hand into a fist and cover it with my right while I’m waiting.” Inanimate scores can present unforeseen problems. New ones have unbroken spines so the pages won’t always stay put when turned; before a concert Oldham will crinkle the corners of pages and rough up the score a little to make sure it cooperates when the moment comes.

Benjamin Poore: Turning Over - Why Page Turners Matter

Leading Leaders.

I have often wondered why in the spiritual community so many people wish to take on the roles of leaders. Or why in academia, so many professors drop out of research and become managers. Or why, in software engineering, it is considered to be more prestigious to manage software developers than to develop software oneself. To me, there is something fishy about wanting to be a leader or a manager. Why do people promote themselves as leaders on their websites? Why would anyone say “I am a leader”? You are not a leader because that is what you call yourself. You are a leader only if you have developed a vision of your own, and your leadership in turning that vision into a living reality is recognized by others, and you are willing to take the blame if things go wrong in this process.

Jan van Eijck: Reflections on Leadership


Jeden Tag eine gute Tat.