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Leading Leaders.

I have often wondered why in the spiritual community so many people wish to take on the roles of leaders. Or why in academia, so many professors drop out of research and become managers. Or why, in software engineering, it is considered to be more prestigious to manage software developers than to develop software oneself. To me, there is something fishy about wanting to be a leader or a manager. Why do people promote themselves as leaders on their websites? Why would anyone say “I am a leader”? You are not a leader because that is what you call yourself. You are a leader only if you have developed a vision of your own, and your leadership in turning that vision into a living reality is recognized by others, and you are willing to take the blame if things go wrong in this process.

Jan van Eijck: Reflections on Leadership


Jeden Tag eine gute Tat.


There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.

Marshall McLuhan


digital conscientious objectors, looking in horror how everything goes to shit

Fauno: We are the workers of the Web


Responsibility is a weird thing.


I think in practice M is indeed in charge, although no one actually knows that.


Powerless Miracles.

All you little superheroes...

...Dancing on the borderline...
4-3-2-1-do it today!

Sonata Arctica: Zeroes

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