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Ems Ups.

E(m)s ist vielleicht einfach keine gute Ecke für Infrastruktur.

Open But.

A prediction: "But your paper is not open access." will be the new academic version of "But your file was a .DOC."


Ieder probleem met het alarmnummer is er één te veel, want de bereikbaarheid van 112 is essentieel voor de samenleving.

KPN, 7 jaar geleden


Corporations built to maximize profits are unable to build consensual platforms.

Dmytri Kleiner: Mr. Peel Goes to Cyberspace


I love you in the night, want overdag heb ik geen tijd.

Amsterdam dredger

I'm fine.

"Some of the worst affected areas have been in Brisbane's west and south-western suburbs, some of which may not have power restored for at least 24-hours at the earliest," Energex said in a statement released late on Thursday night.


At Archerfield Airport, the site of those 141km/h winds, light planes were flipped upside-down.

The Age: Brisbane storm leaves 70,000 properties without power