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New hobby: deleting old tweets.


For my generation, being anonymous is no longer an option. For many of us, the decisions about our online presence are made before we can even speak. I’m glad that I discovered early on what posting online really means. And even though I was mortified at what I found that my mom and sister had posted about me online, it opened up a conversation with them, one that I think all parents need to have with their kids. And probably most importantly, it made me more aware of how I want to use social media now and in the future.

Sonia Bokhari: I’m 14, and I quit social media after discovering what was posted about me

Hello Everyone.

Irgendwann ist immer das erste Mal.

Gewoon de hele toko omgooien.

De onderzoekers die nog aan het begin van hun carrière staan zijn overwegend voor Plan S. Ons is wel opgevallen dat veel van de kritiek komt van gevestigde wetenschappers, dezelfde mensen die het huidige systeem tot stand hebben gebracht.

Gareth O’Neill (President EuroDoc)


That’s why any sentence that contains the word “brand” is almost certainly bullshit. Because “brand” as it’s used in corporate board rooms is a way of fooling the customer into feeling as if she’s entered into a social contract, while carefully ensuring that there is no reciprocal contract on the part of the corporation.

Cory Doctorow: The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow


Demokratieverdrossene Nichtwähler gewinnen Wahlen, während engagierte Demokraten mit dem Wählen aufhören. Intellektuelle Zeitungen arbeiten für die Überwindung des Humanismus, während populistische Schundblätter an den Idealen der Aufklärung festhalten.

Juli Zeh: Leere Herzen


The golden age of public space only lasted for a few years: Smoking was already gone and screens had not appeared everywhere yet.

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