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Tea, Blood and Beer.

The tea leaf paradox describes a phenomenon where tea leaves in a cup of tea migrate to the center and bottom of the cup after being stirred rather than being forced to the edges of the cup, as would be expected in a spiral centrifuge. [...] The solution first came from Albert Einstein in a 1926 paper [...]

Wikipedia: Tea leaf paradox

Schrödinger's Relationship.

To really get to know each other means to change each other.

Flying Words.

Semantics is not particle physics.



Vielleicht wird die Unschärferelation in 500 Jahren genauso belächelt wie heute die irreversiblen Hexenproben.

A model is a model is a model is fun, though.

Marital dissolution is ubiquitous in western societies. It poses major scientific and sociological problems both in theoretical and therapeutic terms. Scholars and therapists agree on the existence of a sort of second law of thermodynamics for sentimental relationships. Effort is required to sustain them. Love is not enough.

José-Manuel Rey

Amorsche Unschärferelation.

Ein Dilemma: Sobald die Person in die mensch sich verliebt dieses bemerkt, wird sie dadurch oft eine völlig andere.