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Careless realism costs souls.

How can you "just be yourself"
when you don't know who you are?

Stop saying "I know how you feel".
How could anyone know how another feels?

Nightwish - Song Of Myself

Wahrheit Uber alles.

Don't give me love
I've had my share
Beauty nor rest

Give me truth instead

T. Holopainen

Only when you wake up.

There's no fear in a dream.

T. Holopainen

Light Me Up.

It's hard to light a candle,
easy to curse the dark instead.

T. Holopainen

¬Einsam → ...

Only the weak are not lonely.

T. Holopainen

Mr. Lost.

Before the years take me
I wish to see
The lost in me

T. Holopainen


We live as we dream / scream.

T. Holopainen

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