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Often the answer lies in providing people with a counter-ideology that both reveals the fabricated nature of consumer ideology and offers an alternative vision of the world. A counter-ideology to porn would similarly need to disrupt and interrupt its messages, and it would have to be as powerful and as pleasurable as porn, telling men that porn’s image of women is a lie, fabricated to sell a particular version of sex. This alternative ideology would also need to present a different vision of heterosexual sex, one built on gender equality and justice. Few men are exposed to such a feminist ideology.

Gail Dines: Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality


Let it go.

Natürlich verlieren Jungen und Männer etwas durch die Emanzipation. Sie verlieren schrittweise einige der Privilegien, die andernfalls dafür sorgen würden, dass sie in Bereichen Rückenwind haben, in denen Frauen und Mädchen der Wind schaft ins Gesicht bläst. Aber sie gewinnen auch etwas dazu: Je höher die Gleichstellung in einem Land ist, desto höher ist die Glücksquote des Landes. Je höher die Gleichstellung in einem Unternehmen ist, desto zufriedener ist die Belegschaft. Je höher die Gleichstellung in einer Beziehung ist, desto zufriedener sind die Partner. Willkommen in einer gerechteren und zugleich glücklicheren Welt, Herr Hollstein.

Romy Jaster: Die Zukunft der Männer (2017-04-04)

Walk the talk or walk off.

Men, if you say you're a feminist,
then fuck like a feminist!

Samantha Bee: #MeToo Backlash

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Not asking for you.

You might as well relax. Whatever it is they’re asking for, honey, it’s not for you.

Germaine Greer

Silent Ally.

Feminist zu sein heißt auch manchmal einfach die Klappe zu halten.

All chicken are white?!

Critics argue that these stories often reflect a fixation on consumerism of designer brands and sexuality rather than addressing global issues such as equality.

Wikipedia: Chick Lit, referring to Pamela Butler & Jigna Desai: Manolos, Marriage, and Mantras - Chick-Lit Criticism and Transnational Feminism. In: Meridians: feminism, race, and transnationalism, Vol. 8 (2), 2008. (Download here - clicking this link might be illegal in your country. Yes, I hate JSTOR too.)


'The real problem, is that Baise-Moi is a film about violent "lower class" women, made by supposedly marginal women. The mainstream doesn't want to hear about people with nothing, the disenfranchised, the marginals, taking up arms and killing people for fun and money. It happens, of course, but we're not allowed to acknowledge it.


A lot of people really don't want to see two North African women who have been raped taking up arms and shooting European men. That's a little too close to historical reality.


There's a great pleasure in pissing people off. At least it makes them talk about things.

Virginie Despentes talking about the reactions to Baise-Moi in the Guardian (April 2002)

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