Schlagwort: Feminismus


I’m not the first person to notice that in cyber-security, feminism is a secret super-power. Checking every app, data-set and shiny new use-case for how men will use it to endanger women and girls is a great way to expose novel flaws and vulnerabilities the designers almost certainly missed. So, while looking at our relationship with our phones through a feminist lens may be disconcerting, it’s incredibly useful, and in a deliciously counter-intuitive way.

Maria Farrel: This is your phone on feminism (2019-09-13)

Das Private ist Politisch, mal wieder.

Perceptions and values of privacy have evolved over history, and not necessarily with the protection of those who need it most in mind.

It is time for a reclaiming of privacy that will empower women, trans and gender diverse people.

It is time for privacy to become a tool to smash patriarchy and so it’s time to ask ourselves what privacy will look like in a post-patriarchal world.

Privacy International: Reclaiming privacy: a feminist manifesto


Daarom zal ik, wanneer het uur van heengaan voor mij gekomen is, gerust mogen zeggen, dat ik er het mijne toe heb bijgedragen om de wereld voor de vrouwen een beetje beter achter te laten dan ik haar gevonden heb.

Aletta H. Jacobes: Herinneringen


Often the answer lies in providing people with a counter-ideology that both reveals the fabricated nature of consumer ideology and offers an alternative vision of the world. A counter-ideology to porn would similarly need to disrupt and interrupt its messages, and it would have to be as powerful and as pleasurable as porn, telling men that porn’s image of women is a lie, fabricated to sell a particular version of sex. This alternative ideology would also need to present a different vision of heterosexual sex, one built on gender equality and justice. Few men are exposed to such a feminist ideology.

Gail Dines: Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality


Let it go.

Natürlich verlieren Jungen und Männer etwas durch die Emanzipation. Sie verlieren schrittweise einige der Privilegien, die andernfalls dafür sorgen würden, dass sie in Bereichen Rückenwind haben, in denen Frauen und Mädchen der Wind schaft ins Gesicht bläst. Aber sie gewinnen auch etwas dazu: Je höher die Gleichstellung in einem Land ist, desto höher ist die Glücksquote des Landes. Je höher die Gleichstellung in einem Unternehmen ist, desto zufriedener ist die Belegschaft. Je höher die Gleichstellung in einer Beziehung ist, desto zufriedener sind die Partner. Willkommen in einer gerechteren und zugleich glücklicheren Welt, Herr Hollstein.

Romy Jaster: Die Zukunft der Männer (2017-04-04)