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it is not the absence of a penis that unleashes this complex but the total situation; the girl envies the phallus only as a symbol of the privileges granted to boys;

Simone de Beauvoir: The Second Sex


Wer so denkt, muss selbst Europäer*in sein oder eine*r von den Privilegierten, die sich in diesem Raum bewegen dürfen. Denn von Anfang an war Schengen auch das Abkommen der geschlossenen Grenzen.

Susan Djahangard (taz): 35 Jahre Schengen: Freiheit nur im Innern


I am keenly aware of a tension here. As an XR rebel, I participate in acts that are clearly against the law. Indeed, acting against the law is the whole point of the rebellion. On the other hand, I do not think any society can function without a police force to uphold the law. I happen to be a retired professor, not a police officer. But I do not find it at all difficult to imagine a situation where the roles are reversed, where I am a police officer facing a blockade with a retired professor in it.

Jan van Eijck: We Have Not Made Ourselves

Das Private ist Politisch, mal wieder.

Perceptions and values of privacy have evolved over history, and not necessarily with the protection of those who need it most in mind.

It is time for a reclaiming of privacy that will empower women, trans and gender diverse people.

It is time for privacy to become a tool to smash patriarchy and so it’s time to ask ourselves what privacy will look like in a post-patriarchal world.

Privacy International: Reclaiming privacy: a feminist manifesto

Counting Stars.

It feels incredibly rewarding to get a colorful bouquet of replies after sending mass emails for purely private reasons.


What other people go through in this patriarch society must be much worse. [...] I didn't expect it at all. Me, a person who is rather someone who is thinking about the worst-case-scenario first (not necessarily caring so much about it then).

HitchbikeRevolution: My first bad experience while hitchhiking


I can’t tell you about the hundreds of messages or tweets we get asking ‘what about women?’ – because it’s never happened.

Jessica Eaton: Stop asking me ‘what about men?’

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