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Warning! This comic contains a talking koala.

Riddle Riding.

Single lane roads are of great interest both to epistemic logicians and game theorists.

Hans van Ditmarsch, in Australia on the bike

Aldi to?

Globalisation of the week (read with an australian voice):

Is Aldi this way, mate?


Finally found a place where I like dogs: wine labels.

I'm fine.

"Some of the worst affected areas have been in Brisbane's west and south-western suburbs, some of which may not have power restored for at least 24-hours at the earliest," Energex said in a statement released late on Thursday night.


At Archerfield Airport, the site of those 141km/h winds, light planes were flipped upside-down.

The Age: Brisbane storm leaves 70,000 properties without power

Auf dem Kopf.

Queensland government announced in April 2013 that exemptions on religious grounds from mandatory bicycle helmet laws would be granted from 2014.

Wikipedia: Bicycle helmets in Australia

Fundamental right of the day: Sleep.

In Queensland, koalas can only be cuddled for less than 30 minutes per day. They must also get every third day off. This ensures that they get plenty of time to eat and sleep.

Lone Pina Koala Sanctuary