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Die DSGVO macht ja Menschen nicht automatisch kompetent.

Lilith Wittmann im NDR Podcast "She Likes Tech" #30


For Bergman, connecting is the goal, and it’s not clear that we can do it. It is when Johan and Marianne realize this that they become “citizens of reality,” a loss of innocence from which they cannot recover. Can any marriage survive an honest reckoning with itself? Can you get close enough to any person for life to feel real? These are Bergman’s questions; Levi doesn’t ask them.

Agnes Callard: The Problem of Marital Loneliness

Blast from the past.

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Guten Spannenden Morgen!

Flying kid.

When I was a kid
I used to buy and sell gravity
I knew how to fly
And I would teach you for a fee

OneRepublic: Preacher


Het is pas crisis
als de wijn op is.

blokhuis in Weesp

Fluffy Folders.

Take their phones away and get ‘em on Windows 98.

a suggestion mentioned in File not found: A generation that grew up with Google is forcing professors to rethink their lesson plans by Monica Chin (The Verge)

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